Last Wall Brace – green oak barn

Friday 1/1/21

Today I made a mistake. When transposing the marking out of one of the brace tenons I mistook a bandsaw scar for a pencil line and I then cut to the mis-transposed line. Disaster!

This wrote off this brace for use in this position. However, I think I will be able to use it for one the the ridge beam braces. One thing I’ve learned on this project is that you can’t be too careful. And even when triple checking everything, you can still make a mistake (or at least I can).

Mark-up error - 2 - annotated

So I started again with the new blank brace and was pretty pleased with the result.

Front brace - left corner

Brace nose

I ended the day marking out the top mortice for this brace in the wall plate and if all goes well I will cut and fit that tomorrow.




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