First Tie Beam Braces – green oak barn

Sunday 17/1/21

This is how you are supposed to start your day as a timber frame builder – by laying out your tools. These are Ben’s. I somehow never seem to get to this stage…

Ben's tools

Today we worked on the braces between the lefthand tie beam and posts. The rear brace for this tie beam is shown in the left image below. However, the position of the brace on this left tie beam is determined by the position of the brace on the right tie beam shown in the right image.

Post to Truss detail (left - North) Post to Truss detail (right - South)

The braces on the right tie beam are off centre to allow for the wall to be accommodated within the width of the post and for the brace to be fully visible from the inside of the building. The braces on the left tie beam are then placed to mirror the braces on the right tie beam.

These braces are tricky for two main reasons:

  1. All faces of the truss and post are non-aligned and
  2. It is not possible to lay up the wall plate when marking out the brace (as discussed yesterday). The gap between the post and the tie beam in the image below is where the wall plate will go.

Lay-up the truss and post

So we are proceeding with care!




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