First King Post Top Joint – green oak barn

Friday 29/1/21

I thought I’d make more progress today than I did. I find angled joints much more challenging than right-angled ones.

I marked out and cut the tenon on the end of the principal rafter.

Tenon - top of principal rafter

And then cut the mortice in the king post.

Mortice - top of king post

But then I struggled to get it to fit together snugly so I decided to stop tinkering and finish the fettling when I wasn’t tired tomorrow morning.

Mortice and tenon - top of king post

As an exciting aside, today this ruler arrived (see below). It’s going to save lots of time and be more accurate. The key feature is the centred scale along one edge. This makes finding the centre point of a piece a timber and marking it a quick, one-step and accurate operation.

This centre scale also makes measuring short distances easier and more precise. When measuring say 40mm using a tape measure, I will always start at the 100mm mark on the tape as I never quite trust the accuracy of the tape hook and sometimes there’s nothing to hook it on to. Having a zero mark mid-way along an accurate ruler is perfect.

New ruler




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