End Wall Braces and Mid-post – green oak barn

Saturday 9/1/21

With the end wall braces done, it was time to get the mid-post in. Here I am levelling up the wall plate so that I can mark up the mortice for the mid-post – right hand and eyes on the level, left hand tapping the wedge.

Simon - Levelling up - 1

With the mortice marked, it was time to get Ben’s morticer out. I really like this machine!

Simon on the morticer

With the top joints of all posts and braces done…

First cross frame taking shape - 1

..we chose the piece of timber for the sill that will sit on top of the wall. As you can see it had a bit of a curve on it. We placed this timber curving up as the wall is slightly higher in the middle. All the same, we decided we would try and straighten the sill as much as possible by cutting the tenon joint shoulders at the same point on all three posts. Tomorrow we will see how successful we have been!

First cross frame taking shape - 3

We moved to cut the tenons at the bottom of the posts. The end posts now look like this with more joints per metre than other element of the structure.

Front post - left end wall

I then went to work on the bottom tenon of the mid-post.

Simon cuts mid-post tenon - 2 Simon cuts mid-post tenon - 1

Tomorrow will put mortices in the sill and try and pull this a bit straighter.




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