The Last Leg – green oak barn

Tuesday 29/12/20

Ha ha! That should read “the last post”. We are certainly not on the last leg of this project. Having said that, the pile of timber that has had stuff done to it is now bigger than the pile that hasn’t, so progress is being made.

Jointed timber - 2

And there’s more prepared timber under that polythene sheet to the right.

Today I finished the penultimate brace on the front wall linking the lefthand short post to the wall plate and was pretty pleased with the result.

Left brace, front wall - 2

I then moved this timber out of the way – which took about an hour. I’ve mentioned before some of the ways this work differs from “normal” woodwork. Here’s another difference. In “normal” woodwork you are aware that the tools you are using could cause you serious injury. The same applies the timber framing. However, the added hazard with timber framing is that the wood itself could also seriously hurt you. One post weighs about 200kg, they are difficult to handle and if one were to fall on you, you’d be in trouble.

I wasn’t the only person busy on the project today. Jane got her sewing machine out and started to repair the tent canvas. Thank you Jane!

Repairing the tent canvas

I fashioned a pair of oak poles to help straighten the damaged tent pole connectors.

Bending tent connectors back into shape

Remarkably only a couple of connectors need this treatment. In addition another four will need some re-welding. Ben has located a welder we can borrow to do this.

I finished the day marking up the face side and face edge of the last post and left it straight and level ready for tomorrow.

The last post - straight and level

Tomorrow the sequence will be:

  1. Square off the end of the post
  2. Mark out and cut the haunched tenon
  3. Mark out and cut the mortice in the wall plate
  4. Cut a brace to shape

Let’s see how far I get.




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