Tenon on First Front Wall Post – green oak barn

Thursday 10/12/20

Not much to report today. I got pulled off on to other jobs so only spent a couple of hours on the frame. But I did manage to get the tenon cut on the first post of the front wall. Below, I also explain the rationale for starting with this post.

Tenon on first front wall post

I’ve just realised that the post is wrongly labelled. This is in fact the left long post, not the middle one. I must change that.

Lining up first front wall post to wall plate

OK, so why did I decide to start with one of the middle posts when I did the rear wall and why do the same on the front wall?

The reason is that this post sits alongside the scarf  joint that joins the two timbers that make up the wall plate and so its positioning is absolutely crucial. The scarf joint has to fit between the top of the post and the brace and there is not a lot of room especially when you consider the long tenon of the scarf joint.

Position od scarf joint

Once this post is positioned correctly we can use its actual position to mark the centres of the other posts using the post centre measurements which came from the actual position of the post plinths.

Post centres

Tomorrow there are also other things on the agenda but hopefully I will at least get another post tenon cut.




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