Rear Wall Complete – the green oak barn

Monday 7/12/20

The framing yard

Today the last two braces went into the rear wall.

Last brace on front wall goes into place Last brace on front wall ready to mark pegs

My handiwork is checked over by the boss. It passed.

Ben checks the shoulders

We took everything to pieces but the light went quickly so before putting the finished bits away we decided we should put up the lights.

Lights set up

These made a huge difference and will mean we can carry on beyond 4pm each day if we want to. We then put the finished timber away. The pile of jointed timber is now looking satisfyingly big. It feels like we are making real progress.

The 'done' pile grows

Ben won’t be around tomorrow so he helped me move the timber in for the wall plate of the front wall.

Timber for front wall plate

My job is to mark these up and join them with a scarf joint.

Scarf joint WP2 and WP3

Let’s see how far I get tomorrow.

Onwards and upwards.




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