Posts Pegged and Braces Cut – green oak barn

Tuesday and Wednesday 15/12/20 and 16/12/20

Two part days of slow but steady progress. Steps forward, no steps back.

Tuesday started with the drilling of the peg holes for the posts and these were pinned. Slight adjustments were made to ensure that the distance between the posts, top and bottom, matched the distance between the brick plinths.

Posts pegged

The weather’s not been brilliant but having the tent in place makes for a great working environment.

The workspace 16/12/20

Marking out the braces I find really challenging. I think it’s because they are curved and that the post tenon has a nose on it. All this pushes my ability to visualise things in 3D to its limit.

To help with this I decided the mark up all the braces as a batch. This meant I didn’t have to re-think each one and this process would have highlighted an error if there was one.

Brace mark-up

As soon as the brace blanks were cut to the right shape I laid them in place and marked the waste side of the tenon.

Braces cut to shape - waste marked

I then marked out the tenons, again as a batch.

Braces cut to shape

Tomorrow I will start by cutting all these tenons. Carefully.




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