One Tenon, Two Mortices – green oak barn

Monday 14/12/20

It was good to get back to the project today having been pulled off it by other commitments for several days. I was hoping to get the two middle posts of the front wall joined to the wall plate today and the four braces cut to the right shape. However, I only managed to do the post joints as I spent lots of time fettling. Nothing fitted first time today. I think I’m being over cautious. Both tenons were bigger than they needed to be and mortices not quite long enough. I put this down to the fact that I’m conscious that I am working on the front of the building and so any mistakes will be there for all to see and, that I haven’t fully recovered from my rookie error a few days ago. The opportunity to repeat the exact same error presented itself again today. I needed to adjust one of the the shoulders on one of the joints.

Unmatched shoulders - 2

I started this with the saw but didn’t have the guts to do the whole thing with the saw in case I sawed off the tenon!

Kerfing - 1

So I stopped once the saw line had been made and pulled the joint apart…

Kerfing - 2

…and finished it with a chisel.

Finishing with chisel

This worked really well and wasn’t at all nerve racking.

Fettled joint Centre line

So at the end of the day the two posts were in place.

End of day 14/12/20

Tomorrow I will start on the braces.




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