Last Post Mortice and Tenon – green oak barn

Thursday 31/12/20

I only did half a day today but progress was made all the same. I started by cutting the tenon on the last post. A time to remember that it’s not just where you cut that’s important but also how deep you cut.

Don't forget depth of cut

I also did the mortice and pinned the joint.

Last post mortice and tenon

However, it ended up slightly out of square so I marked the adjustment needed to the shoulder that I hope will correct this.

Fettling needed

Meanwhile good progress was made on the canvas of the tent, until, at the end of the day when the sewing machine seemed to seize up. Jane got the machine secondhand so we looked out the instructions and decided we’d start by oiling it. We found the oil that came with the machine, only to find that it had never been opened! So the poor machine had probably never been lubricated in its life. I’m rather ashamed about my contribution to this state of affairs. Anyway, off came the sewing machine covers and oil was applied to all moving parts. The machine has never run better!

Tent repair

Five of these tent pole clips arrived today and they fit the poles of the tent. This is good news as many of them broke in the storm. I’ve ordered another ten which wasn’t without hesitation as they cost £2.25 each.

Tent pole fixings

I’ll start tomorrow getting the post perfectly square and then I’ll start working on the last wall brace.




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