Front Short Post – green oak barn

Sunday 20/12/20

Today started with the levelling up of the front short post, designating and face side and face edge and drawing centre lines. I then marked out the haunched tenon that joins this post to the wall plate.

Front short post - squared end

Taking great care to check the depth of cut of my circular saw before every cut, I then chopped out the waste using the circular saw, hand saw and chisel.

Front short post haunched tenon - 1Front short post haunched tenon - 2Front short post haunched tenon - 3

Finishing by hand.

Front short post haunched tenon - 4

I then marked the mortice and cut most of it out using the morticer.

Front short post mortice - 1

Finishing the mortice by hand.

Front short post mortice - 2

It turned out to be a good fit, I only hand to remove a millimetre or two from outward face of the tenon.

Front sort post assembled

With the mortice and tenon drilled and pinned, I finished the day cutting a brace blank and marking it up. I’ll start tomorrow cutting the tenons on this brace.

Front short post - brace blank - 2

After this post, there is just one left to do.




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