Four Brace Tenons and Two Brace Mortices – green oak barn

Thursday 17/12/20

Good progress today due in part to all the preparation – marking out specifically – done yesterday.

I also had a couple of short visits from Ben which was confidence booster.

The first achievement was the cutting of the lower tenons for the four central braces on the front wall.

Brace tenons cut - 3

I then prepared a template block to mark out the mortices more quickly.

Mortice width template - 2

I’m getting much quicker and better at cleaning out mortices behind the morticer.

Lower brace morticeBrace in position

Given that these joints are going to be the focal part of the barn we want them to look as good as possible. We’ve decided to take a novel approach to getting these eight joints as tight as possible. Ben will be with me tomorrow and we are going to drill and pin the lower joints of these braces and then offer up the posts and braces to the wall plate as one unit to mark the upper tenons and mortices. We think this will help ensure a precise fit.

Lower brace joints - 2Lower brace joints - 3

Onwards and upwards.




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