The Site Folder – the green oak barn

When we were marking out the barn we working with loose bits of paper which got wet and were difficult to keep still! It was time for a site folder.

Site File

It’s yellow so it’s easy to find and has all the up to date drawings and sketches.

During the planning phase a surprising number of sketches and plans have been generated. The site folder keeps them all in one place and as items are revised the folder is updated with the latest version.

The main elements of the folder are:

  1. The overall plan
    All elevations 1 to 50 8-post smaller braces mark out
  2. The cutting list<Cutting list - GOCC/li>
  3. The post centresPost centres
  4. Wall make-up sections
    Wall section - both ends and back (East)
  5. Assembly instructions (joint sketches)Top plate centre post joint
  6. Theoretical dimensions of frame elementsTheoretical dimensions WP2 and WP3

All projects like this need a site folder!




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