Moving the First Timbers in Place – the green oak barn

Thursday 19/11/20

My son came over for the day today and we used the trestles we made last week to layout the timbers for the rear wall plate.

I showed this video to my brother who sent the video below by return!

I will  work on my lifting technique.

What was quite alarming about laying out these first two timbers was how little we had to spare length-wise I was so concerned about this that I changed the wall plate design so that it had two tenons on each end rather than run the whole length of the barn. This saved 240mm. Having done this and updated the relevant page in the site folder I realised that one of the timbers we’d picked was the wrong one! We had laid out the timber for one of the end wall plates in error. With the right timber in place we had enough length and reverted to the original design which has a tenon at each in the rear wall plate to take tenons in the end wall plates.

Theoretical dimensions WP2 and WP3 v3




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