The Cutting List – the green oak barn

With the frame plan in place, it was time to draw up the cutting list for the green oak. This was a nerve wracking experience. Get this wrong and the project would be severely delayed and costs would go up.

Cutting list

I started by pulling the actual dimensions of the frame elements from the scale plan in EazyDraw, allowing for the extra length in the joints. One of the less obvious joints is the scarf joint that links the two timbers that make up the wall, or top, plate – make sure to leave enough length for them. I then added 10% to these lengths. I then sent this to my friends at the Green Oak Carpentry Company – the company that did the frame for our extension – for comment.

Their main comment that I shouldn’t add 10% but the same amount to each length, they also indicated that their supplier would be likely to add 100mm to the lengths I specified. After a bit more discussion, they put the cutting list into their format.

Cutting list - GOCC

With some anxiety, this is what was ordered.






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