Green Oak Arrives – the green oak barn

There was great excitement on 12/10/20 when the green oak arrived for the project. It came from France via our friends at The Green Oak Carpentry Company.

Green oak arrives

Ben – my co-conspirator on this project – came up to help unload and Mike Hillier – who was doing work inside the house and was later to lay the brick plinths for the barn – turned out to help as well.

Green oak arrives

The smell was wonderful.

Green oak unloaded

A few days later, I was going out for a walk and our neighbour’s garage roof looked like this.

Roof damage

Now, this roof gets quite a bit of punishment from our neighbour’s horse box! But a swinging piece of green oak probably did this, although none of us noticed! I was hugely apologetic and repaired the damage. No damage was was done to the relationship!

The curved braces were not ready for delivery with the rest of the timber (bandsaw problems the the GOCC) but I collected these a few days later. My trusted Land Rover was the perfect vehicle for this job.

Braces in Land Rover

Braces in Land Rover




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