You have built this …. they will come!

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Today the Coca Cola facebook group has received a big boost in terms of content but I am a bit concerned that it is not growing as fast as it might. So PLEASE join if you haven’t done so already and invite your friends to do so as well.

In terms of content. Fully narrated photos have been uploaded by Nand Wadhwani of the Rehydration Project in India. Fantastic stuff.

Nand also emailed me and the email is reproduced here with permission.

My understanding is that the logo to the left was produced in 1985 to support a UNICEF report that Nand mentions.

Nand Wadhwani | Rehydration Project to Simon

Dear Simon,


Thanks for the link to the site. I’ve added information and links about the Campaign to my home page … 

fyi … UNICEF first proposed the idea of making the ORS sachets more
available in a poster in their State of the World’s Children report in
1985. Please see [ ]. I’ve also updated that page with links to the Campaign pages.

I had spoken with Coca Cola in Atlanta, about 20 years ago, about
putting a small sticker on their bottles which stated that a portion of
their profits would go towards rehydrating a dehydrated child. With
Coca Cola being the largest ‘rehydrater’ in the world … with the
variety of Coke products, water, juices and other soft drinks … it
made perfect sense to me … great advertising and good will as well.
The proposal got lost in the maze of Coca Cola’s management.


With Facebook, a new awareness, and ….. I trust you will have more
success. I will also contact Coca Cola here in India and keep you
advised of their response.


Please let me know if I may be of further assistance in helping you get
your FIRST 1,000 members. You have built this …. they will come!


Good luck.




 Nand Wadhwani
 Rehydration ProjectHealth Education To Villages


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