What’s it like to cycle in London?

I was coming down in the lift at CLG (Department of Communities and local Government) this atfernoon with my folding bike and a woman asked what it was like cycling in London, so I thought I’d show her.

These videos were taken with a Nokia n95 and streamed straight to Qik over a 3G connection over the internet. The comments I received from anonymous viewers as I rode along included: "Shut! Stop talking" (gee thanks) and "You’re riding on the wrong side of the road" and "You’ve just gone passed where I used to work".

Don’t be put off by the quality of the audio in the first one. The other two are better.

Video 1 of 3: Victoria to Parliament Square

Video 2 of 3: Parliament Square to Tottenham Court Road

Video 3 of 3: Tottenham Court Road to Euston

There. Fun!

I could of course do this bit of the journey by public transport but it’s deadly compared to this! Also I live 3 miles from the station so need the bike when I get to the other end.

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