What Annie Lennox said

MP3 logoBy some miracle my PC and Radio Shark did record last Sunday’s (11/5/08) Desert Island Discs. Unfortunately it’s a very poor recording but this is what Annie Lennox said.

Just to put it into context, after talking about her passion for AIDS camapigns in South Africa and the fact that she’s set up her own campaign ‘Sing’. She then talked about that fact that she would have shared, with her father, the sense of injustice in the World. Then she said:

We can distribute Coca Cola all around the World but we can’t seem to get medication to save a child from something as simple as diarrhoea and I think that that is wrong. You know, you  have a choice you either get involved with an issue or you walk away from it. I think it’s a human rights issue and I feel very passionately about human rights.


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Or you can download a recording of what annie Lennox said here: Annie.mp3

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