Using Coca Cola’s Distribution Muscle

Coca Cola Distribution in Dakar Coca Cola in Soweto

Photo credits: Right: Nick Gripton Left: Marie-II

Today, via a tweet, I was invited by Number 10 to join a live blog of the Business Call To Action event. As the commentary scrolled by, Coca Cola made a statement and it reminded me of an idea that first came to me some 20 years ago, as I drove through the bush in NE Zambia in an area where one in five children die before the age five, usually from dehydration. This was in the days before blogs when it was difficult to know where to park such random thoughts.

This is what I typed in to today’s live blog:

[Comment From Simon Berry]
What about Coca Cola using their
distribution channels (which are amazing in developing countries) to
distribute rehydration salts? Maybe by dedicating one compartment in
every 10 crates as ‘the life saving’ compartment?

I still think it’s a good idea. Coca Cola, are you listening?

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I’m thankful to the photographers who have allowed me (through personal contact or Creative Commons Licensing) to use their photos.

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8 Responses to Using Coca Cola’s Distribution Muscle

  1. alex says:

    With ref. to your new job, you should see this post by Stephen Bubb, CE of acevo
    He mentions your new department

  2. Simon says:

    Cheers Alex. This is really useful. I’ve added a comment on Stephen’s blog.

  3. Brilliant idea, how can I help (in Kenya at least)?

  4. susan perl says:

    Is there an online petition available?

  5. Simon says:

    Hi Susan
    Thanks for your comment. There isn’t an online petition. The best way people can support the campaign is by joining the Facebook Group or one of the other groups:
    With best wishes

  6. Bill says:

    Most excellent idea. Take it up the chain. You know Buffett owns a ton of Coke, and he’s best friends with Gates…put the two together and you’ve got something better than Batman and Robin if they decided to really get together and collaborate on something like this!

  7. Lainerys Limonta says:

    Hello my names is Lainerys, I am Master Company Comunication student and I have a possibility to speak whit a Coca Cola’s manager for this situation, because we are working for them in a sostenability proget.
    I need early yuor answer to improve my idea,

  8. Simon says:

    Hello Lainerys. Thanks for your comment.
    You can get an auto-translation of the ColaLife website and blog by using Google Translate.
    This is the site in Spanish:
    This is site in Italian:

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