Interview with Eddie Mair for iPM

The interview with Eddie Mair went ahead
today – what a nice man! He is even more amusing off air than he it on air!
Because of the nature of the iPM programme they are happy for me to publish the
whole interview here ahead of the programme on Saturday. How refreshing! [In fact they have also published it on the iPM Blog].

I do make some sweeping
generalisations in the interview which I apologise for but I wanted to keep the
message simple. This is how it is reported on the iPM Blog:

Simon Berry and others on the [iPM] blog have been keen for iPM to to hear more about his big idea.
For more than ten years, Simon worked all over the world as part of the
British aid effort. He thinks there is a simple way to help the one in five children in Africa who die from simple causes – usually diarrhoea. And the answer is Coca-Cola.
Not the product – but its distribution network. We’ve asked Coca-Cola
to debate, but in the meantime Eddie has been speaking to Simon about
him and his idea.

Add Coca Cola is it to your page

The version that goes out on Saturday will be an edited version of this. There is a possibility that this won’t go out at all; if Coca Cola respond then another interview might be done which is more interactive. That would be brilliant.

Further information

All of the Coca Cola Campaign posts

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