Coca Cola song competition announced!

Eve Graham

Can you sing or play the guitar? We need you now! Following the Cocal Cola feature on iPM yesterday the podcast was slightly delayed due to legal considerations. It’s now been released but without Eve Graham’s wonderful song!!

So what the people at iPM are suggesting is that we all have a go at singing it and send our renditions into the iPM Blog.

Here’s what you need to get started:

1 The Lyrics (these are slightly different from the ones on the iPM Blog but are what Eve actually sang)

I’d like to fix those Burmese homes;
Give poverty the shove
Grow sustainable trees, give aid with ease
And show Africa some love..

I’d like to reach the world and bring
It perfect harmony.
I’d like to reach its outstretched arms
But I need a company:
Coca Cola we need them today
They’re the real thing

2 The chords:
D, E, A, G and D

3 The tune: sung to the tune of ‘I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing’ by The New Seekers

This is how Eve Graham sang it:

Here is Coca Cola’s statement
Go on! Get that guitar out!!

Download iPM_24_05_2008_song.mp3

Further information

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