The Snow Train, Skiing in the 3 Valleys, GPS and other stories

First 4 days: Saturday to Tuesday, 15/03/08 to 18/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Saturday, 15/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Sunday, 16/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Monday, 17/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Tuesday, 18/03/08
Second 4 days: Wednesday to Saturday, 19/03/08 to 22/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Wednesday, 19/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Thursday, 20/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Friday, 21/03/08
Skiing Easter 2008 - Saturday, 22/03/08

have thought it possible a decade ago. You get on a train in a beautifully
restored St Pancras at 5:30pm on a Friday after work and by 10:30am on Saturday
you’ve just taken your skis off and you are sitting outside the Restaurant at the top of Mont de la Chambre (2850m)
eating a smoked salmon panini with a choice of whether to ski to your left down to
Val Thorens, to your right to Meribel or back to Les Menuires where you’ve just
come from? And you get all of this without emitting the 300-400 kg of CO2 that a low-cost flight would have cost.

For the full multi-media story of our Easter skiing holiday please use the links below:

Day 0: 14/03/08 – The Snow Train
Day 1:
15/03/08 – Les Menuires and Meribel
Day 2:
16/03/08 – Les Menuires (very low visibility)
Day 3: 17/03/08 – Les Menuires and Val Thorens
Day 4: 18/03/08 – Les Menuires and Meribel
Day 5: 19/03/08 – Les Menuires, Meribel and Courchevel
Day 6: 20/03/08 – Les Menuires and Val Thorens
Day 7: 21/03/08 – Les Menuires and St Martin de Belleville (near-death experience!)
Day 8: 22/03/08 – Les Menuires (inc La Masse)

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