Challenge Anneka!

My wife Jane went into hospital today for 8-10 days! So how do you cope with anxiety? I find challenges work best. We’ve been wanting to put some (more) Velux windows in our house to let more light in. We’ve done it before to great effect but these are more complicated and we’ve been prevaricating for years. The rafters are in the wrong places, there are dormer windows involved, plumbing and wiring will need re-routing, Building Control need to get involved etc etc.

So the challenge is to keep up the hospital visits, keep the installation secret (Jane won’t be readig this) but also get the 4 Veluxes in the next 8-10 days (while at work)!

These videos outline the project. I’ll attempt to blog my progress (or not).



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4 Responses to Challenge Anneka!

  1. David Wilcox says:

    Simon – your virtual and real friends are with you both. What stars! Very best to Jane … and huge admiration for your so many activities.

  2. Julie Harris says:

    thinking of you both

  3. Hi Simon – hope all goes well, glad you have good distraction therapy. give my best to Jane!

  4. Simon Berry says:

    Thanks for your good wishes guys – all dutifully passed on (although I didn’t provide the means of communication!). Op now scheduled for 07:30 Weds. S

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