Challenge Anneka! – End of Day 2

MonitorNo physical progress on the Velux windows today but there’s been plenty of time for thinking and planning which is no bad thing. When I DIY my ‘thinking and planning’ is generally not far enough ahead of the actual ‘doing’ which is not good.

I’ve been playing Florence Nightingale today and as you can see the girl is doing good! For those of you who know how to interpret this stuff . . . . don’t worry, Jane’s blood pressure never gets much higher than this even when we’ve just, well err, cycled around Draycote Water.

The plumbers are coming first thing tomorrow to move those pipes and I am going to try to get the Building Inspector to come first thing on Friday. The weather dictates that Friday is when the the roof has to come off and the windows go in:



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  1. Simon says:

    8:45 – Spoke to Building Control – they’re coming at 10:30 tomorrow
    9:00 – the plumbers have arrived

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