Challenge Anneka! – End of Day 6

velux 025
velux 028

This is a pre-dated post. I didn’t get time to post it in real time. I’d been invited to Sunday lunch by Carolyn. She rang at about 10 to say that there was a bit a slippage in timing and that they wouldn’t be eating until 1:45 which was brilliant. I needed the extra time and in the end this worked perfectly by 1:15 the last bit of flashing slipped into place and the drip, drip, drip stopped and I was able to throw the layers and layers of very wet cardboard outside and walk away from the building site to a fantastic lunch with great company.

After lunch I went to see the patient and had to confess to what I’d been up to as I needed to get back to get the tiles on before dark. The patient was very pleased! 🙂

With the flashing and tiles in place I can relax. The interior can been completed at leisure.

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