Yesterday I spent a lot more than I earned

Just before Christmas our boiler (left) went on the blink and you couldn’t get a heating engineer for love nor money. I was secretly quite pleased. This was the opportunity to replace our 15 year old boiler with a new condensing boiler. Once you’ve done the simple stuff: turned the heating down; insulated your loft and walls; made sure your light bulbs are low energy, the next BIG thing is to make sure you have a modern (post 1997) boiler.

Well it’s taken 8 weeks but yesterday the new boiler went in (right). It was installed by the same plumber who plumbed the house when we built it in 1992. It was good to see him again. Anyway they have done a lovely neat job. I’m chuffed. And it didn’t cost as much as I feared it might: £1,845

I’ve redone the Energy Saving Trust ‘Home Energy Check’ and this is how the house is now rated. 🙂

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