Remembering to stroll on my bike

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In my case there is no such thing as an original blog post. They are all inspired by others. This one has three influences:

1) The video I posted here
2) The fact that I fell off my bike on Monday and removed all the skin from everything that sticks out on my right side
3) I got home tonight in my ‘office gear’, it was dark. I tucked my right trouser leg in my sock, got straight on my bike. No helmet (not sensible but I couldn’t find it), no gloves and I cycled 3 miles to the pub and back without breaking a sweat

The video first. What really struck me about this was the contrast between the mass cycling scenes of China and cycling in western cities. The Chinese cyclists just look normal and potter along on their bikes talking to each other. We have all the gear, we are up on the pedals looking really cool. We go fast.

I was going too fast in the rain on Monday and my bike slipped from under me as I went around a roundabout. I wrecked my left brake lever and gear changer (expensive) and did myself a fair bit of damage too. Many thanks to everyone who didn’t run me over and to the guy who helped me to the side of the road and made sure I was alright.

The trip the pub tonight was the most enjoyable ride of the year so far – no gear, not fast, just ordinary. I didn’t need a shower at the other end and didn’t even smell!

I continue to learn from the Chinese. I must slow down more and remember to do the equivalent of strolling on my bike. I know it makes sense.

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