Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (fly)

Alstom_agvDid you see this? European railways are taking on the low-cost airlines. On 5 February Alstom unvieled its new AGV train. This is the successor to the TGV which is 25 years old and already holds the world rail speed record (360mph). The new train will run at up to 360kph, 60kph faster than the TGV. Apparently it uses 15% less energy too.

The rich diversity of European culture and languages is already only a train ride away this will make more people realise this.

Read the Alstom press release here.
Read David Gow‘s Guardian article here.

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One Response to Just because you can doesn’t mean you should (fly)

  1. Paul Webster says:

    Here here !
    Ditch those planes… get out on public transport, walk and if really brave cycle … hey why not cycle from one end the UK to the other !

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