Turning the telescope the other way around

The good thing about Christmas is that there’s generally a bit more time to have a proper chat with friends and you learn. A friend of mine, Julian (aka Bev – don’t ask), it transpires is heavily into Web 2.0 to promote his music and books. I explained how we had re-jigged our online services (Experts Online etc) and put them on a Web 2.0 platform to make them more accessible and easier for others to incorporate them into their own website. The basic thinking behind this is that we will have bigger impact (as a charity) if we can have a presence where people have already congregated online – on a local community website, on facebook or wherever.

Julian is in a different situation and has used Web 2.0 slightly differently. He has distributed his content all over the place: Flickr, YouTube, Typepad, WordPress etc etc. This gives him a presence in many places and makes it more likely people will find him, his music and books. Then he uses his website as an aggregator of all this distributed content. Interesting.

It was good to talk Julian!

PS: Now also see: Joining Dots on the Internet

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  1. Julian says:

    It was a pleasure! And this comment proves it’s true – I noticed your new blog post ‘cos of Google Reader. Hope you’re having fun with Pandora 😉

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