ruralnet | online co-design process launched!

ruralnet|online co-design website

Following a lot of frantic activity over the last week, yesterday saw the launch of the first step towards the re-design of ruralnet|online – a mechanism to involve our users, past, present and potential, in the whole re-design process. Please get involved over here:

Why should you get involved? What's in it for you? How can you engage?

You can 'engage' as an anonymous browser. We are putting all our ideas up in the open and some of these ideas have been informed by some of the best brains in the internet world. So at the very least the content will be interesting and you might learn something which could help you.

You can comment anonymously. If you think we are barking up the wrong tree, please tell us! If you have an insight, we'd like to hear that too.

You can register (it only takes a couple of minutes and it's free) and when you do you get your own blog to write whatever you like. When you're logged in your comments get attributed to you too.

Some of the highlights on ruralnet|online so far:

Adding value to networks and services – automatically
how net:gain helped with the re-alignment of our ICT Strategy
the ruralnet|uk communications strategy
an ICT Strategy on a single page
ideas on what forums (communities of interest/practice) might look like in the future

Please consider getting involved >>

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