Elluminate + DTA Training – what the users thought

I had a big, cheesy grin on my face as I took my headphones off my aching ears after 3.5 hours. I'd been helping to setup and moderate an Elluminate virtual classroom session run by the DTA. So why the cheesy grin? Well, the feedback was incredibly positive.

Each participant was asked what they thought of the pilot where we'd run three training sessions on income generation using the Elluminate virtual classroom system. Now the success was largely due to the content (which was good!) but we'd worked hard on the moderation too and the evaluation was really good.

Now I know, that when people are in a group situation, even a virtual group situation, they will be polite about another person (eg a trainer). But, in my experience, even in a group situation, they will not hold back when it comes to the criticism of technology. "It was great but the technology let us down" would be a typical response . . . . Well listen to this (there quite long gaps between contributions . . . we are still learning!):

We are on to something here . . . . cheesy grin fades . . .

Added on 10/3/08
There is now a transcript of this audio available here.

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  1. Beth Gallob says:

    This is great to hear, Simon!
    – Beth, Elluminate Goddess of Communication

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