A suggestion for Transport For London

Euston to London BridgeWhen you’re cycling for work and you have to get to a meeting, or whatever, for a particular time and you’re on unfamiliar territory, things can get a little stressful.

This is why the Route Planner on the Transport for London website is so good. You put in your starting point and destination, say you’re on a bike, and it gives you a cycle-friendly route, including a map. The Map’s in PDF format and will usually span several pages. My route from Euston to London Bridge spans 5 pages I think.

The problem is that this is a bit of a cumbersome format for a cyclist. All I need is a list of street names and decision points which I can print on a single sheet and pop in my pocket where my mini A to Z lives.

This turn by turn information is already provided on the TFL maps but it is split up and each bit put on the relevant page. This is fine but can we have it brought together on a single page please (see image)? So we can just print one sheet?

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