A big thank you – and two fingers to port 8443

A big public thank you is due to the ICT Team at ruralnet|uk. We agreed last autumn that to be relevant in the current scheme of things, we were going to have to disentangle our online services from a proprietory system and into Web 2.0. We all committed to do this but they have had to do all the work. And they’ve had to ditch the familiar and comfortable to do it and develop a whole new set of skills and knowledge along the way.

Today a BIG problem was finally sorted. We’d set up our new authentication system to use the default Port 8443. We should have used 443 as this meant that many of our users sat on corporate networks couldn’t login.

But we know we’ve done the right thing. We can now get our services into the online places were the people that can benefit from our services already are rather than expecting them to: 1) know who we are; 2) come to us.

Thanks to this work the widget at the top of this posting can be put on a local website, I can put today’s headlines from our news service right here:


And this screenshot shows part of our ‘live newsletter’ on facebook. If you’re a facebook user, click on the image to go to facebook and see the whole thing.


Thanks guys! We are nearly there!

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