Delivering the bid … not just online

Delivery_interviewClick here to play the video.

This is how David Wilcox reported the moment.

After all the virtual working of the past few weeks it seemed essential
that we did more than just wing a pdf to John Craig and colleagues at
the Cabinet Office. Time for hard copy – so Simon took the train and
bike down from Warwickshire, Dan brought the camera, and we all met up
outside the Office of the Third Sector for a proper delivery of the
package. I asked Simon if he felt the effort had been worthwhile, and
whether the open process had brought something extra to the proposal.
Of course, he had to say yes … but I know from conversations we’ve
had, as well as his reply here, that it is a heartfelt yeeeah!!! As
you’ll hear in the interview, we got lots of new ideas and
relationships, and it isn’t over yet. By the way, if others who put in
a bid want to go naked at this late stage, we would be happy to host
their proposals on the site. Maybe open a poll ….. You can get
carried away with this openness. Meanwhile, you can find what’s in the
package here, with encouragement to continue to contribute.

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