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How to build a Smart Radio

I have got into the habit of listening to BBC radio on my iPhone using the BBC Sounds App. I find the ability to drag a programme back to the beginning when I come to it late particularly useful. It’s … Continue reading

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Dashboards as a motivational tool

Within the ColaLife initiative, we started using Android tablets during support visits to Kit Yamoyo retailers in mid-2014 (see Take a Tablet). This did two things. Firstly, it helped standardise these support visits; to make sure that key things were … Continue reading

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What is self-sustaining development?

The Kit Yamoyo diarrhoea treatment kit under production in Zambia for the local Zambian market. The kit was designed and the local market developed using one-off donor funding. It is very common to hear the term “sustainable development” in international … Continue reading

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Now blogging over at ColaLife

Given that there are only 24 hours in a day, I have had to stop blogging here. I am now spending all my spare time on the ColaLife Campaign and I am now blogging over on the ColaLife blog. See … Continue reading

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The Best of 2008

I have just learned that this blog has been listed by Business Week who want to identify ‘the voice of innovation’. This is a great honour especially since most of my online activity hasn’t taken place here. So I thought … Continue reading

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All change, all change

This is the photo on my new Defra ID card. Ah well. I'm stuck with it now! Defra ID card? What's all that about? Well, on Friday, 24/10/08 I gave up the post of Chief Executive of ruralnet|uk to take … Continue reading

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Using Coca Cola’s Distribution Muscle

Photo credits: Right: Nick Gripton Left: Marie-II Today, via a tweet, I was invited by Number 10 to join a live blog of the Business Call To Action event. As the commentary scrolled by, Coca Cola made a statement and … Continue reading

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Why I believe in Open Innovation

Another week goes by and I’ve been asked at least twice about Open Innovation. Enquiries fall into two categories. Some are from people who are really interested in the process and others are very challenging. Here is an anonymised example … Continue reading

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Calling Jack Thurston

This is an experiment in online social networking and an explanation of how RSS works. If you are Jack Thurston of ‘The Bike Show from Resonance FM‘ fame please leave a comment. It’s also an interesting case study, particularly for … Continue reading

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